Assignment 9 – Create a Google presentation

You will be able to:

    • Create a google presentation about your favorite Disney Movie
    • Research your topic and create a Google presentation
    • Post it in your blog

My Favorite Disney Movie

Pick your favorite Disney movie to create a PowerPoint presentation.

 Include at least the following:
                      The year the movie was released

                       The cast of characters

                       Who were the voices for the characters?

                       What Music and/or song titles were included?

                       A summary of the plot or storyline of the movie

                       A collection of several images from the movie

    You can include more information if you would like.

Steps to Post on Blog

  1. Create a new post on Edublogs labeled – Assignment 9 – Google Presentation
  2. Write a paragraph about what you did in this assignment.
  3. Embed your presentation into your post:
  4. On Google Docs with your presentation open select > Share > Publish/Embed
  5. Select Publish Document
  6. Player Size = Small
  7. Copy the code in the box (<iframe src=”http://docs.googl….)
  8. Switch back to edublogs assignment 9 post
  9. Click on the HTML editor and not the Visual editor.
  10. Paste this code into the HTML of your blog
  11. Switch back to the “Visual” editor
  12. Go back to Google publish screen and
  13. Copy and paste the link to your published presentation below the embedded video. (My presentation is viewable at:

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