Assignment 8 – Calculation Consumption

In this lesson you will be able to:

  • Access Google Spreadsheet.
  • Name & save your file.
  • Freeze rows & columns.
  • Enter collected data.
  • Add formulas for Sum and Average calculations.
  • Create a graphs representing the data
  • Enter data as a collaborator.
  • View revisions to a shared document.
  • Export spreadsheet data and add to your blog


  1. Log into your Google Docs account and create a new spreadsheet file. Save your file as Your Name – CC.
  2. Set up the sheet as follows (Use 5 Classmates and take a survey):


Beverages (8oz.)

Notebook Paper

Text Messages

(# of items)

(# of glasses)

(# of sheets)

(# of sent)


3. Create a formula for Total number of items in each category

4. Create a formula for Average number of items in each category

5. Rename your sheet to Consumption Worksheet


6. Create a column chart on a new sheet to show the usage by student of each item. (select: A1 to E7)

7. Create a pie chart to show the  total usage per category. In Google Docs you can not select one row and then hold down the Ctrl key down while selecting a row that is not near that row instead you have to do the following: Select, copy & paste the heading row 1 with the labels to row 15. Then select, copy & paste the Total row (A9-E9)  to row 16. Now select row 15 and 16 and create a pie chart the is on a new sheet called Total Consumption Chart.

8. Create another pie chart showing the totals of what you consumed. The select will have to be done the same way you did step 7 above.


9. When you are done your Google Spreadsheet log into edublogs and create a new post titled Assignment #8 – Calculating Consumption. Write a brief paragraph explaining what you did in this assignment and add the following to your post:

  • A link to your spread sheet as an html file.
  • Insert one of your graphs in the post. Save the chart as an image and then upload and insert it into your post.

10. Share your spreadsheet file with me with access to edit.

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