Assignment 10 – Glogster Poster

Glogster – Poster Yourself


Objectives: Students will be able to create a Glog/online poster incorporating graphics, photos, videos, music and text to embed in a blog post or on a wiki page.

Directions: Create a glog about you; your interest, favorites, etc. When you are done with your Glog poster add it to a blog post titled Assignment 11.

Glog samples:


Create a login/account.

How to use Glogster

Assignment 9 – Create a Google presentation

You will be able to:

    • Create a google presentation about your favorite Disney Movie
    • Research your topic and create a Google presentation
    • Post it in your blog

My Favorite Disney Movie

Pick your favorite Disney movie to create a PowerPoint presentation.

 Include at least the following:
                      The year the movie was released

                       The cast of characters

                       Who were the voices for the characters?

                       What Music and/or song titles were included?

                       A summary of the plot or storyline of the movie

                       A collection of several images from the movie

    You can include more information if you would like.

Steps to Post on Blog

  1. Create a new post on Edublogs labeled – Assignment 9 – Google Presentation
  2. Write a paragraph about what you did in this assignment.
  3. Embed your presentation into your post:
  4. On Google Docs with your presentation open select > Share > Publish/Embed
  5. Select Publish Document
  6. Player Size = Small
  7. Copy the code in the box (<iframe src=”http://docs.googl….)
  8. Switch back to edublogs assignment 9 post
  9. Click on the HTML editor and not the Visual editor.
  10. Paste this code into the HTML of your blog
  11. Switch back to the “Visual” editor
  12. Go back to Google publish screen and
  13. Copy and paste the link to your published presentation below the embedded video. (My presentation is viewable at:

Assignment 8 – Calculation Consumption

In this lesson you will be able to:

  • Access Google Spreadsheet.
  • Name & save your file.
  • Freeze rows & columns.
  • Enter collected data.
  • Add formulas for Sum and Average calculations.
  • Create a graphs representing the data
  • Enter data as a collaborator.
  • View revisions to a shared document.
  • Export spreadsheet data and add to your blog


  1. Log into your Google Docs account and create a new spreadsheet file. Save your file as Your Name – CC.
  2. Set up the sheet as follows (Use 5 Classmates and take a survey):


Beverages (8oz.)

Notebook Paper

Text Messages

(# of items)

(# of glasses)

(# of sheets)

(# of sent)


3. Create a formula for Total number of items in each category

4. Create a formula for Average number of items in each category

5. Rename your sheet to Consumption Worksheet


6. Create a column chart on a new sheet to show the usage by student of each item. (select: A1 to E7)

7. Create a pie chart to show the  total usage per category. In Google Docs you can not select one row and then hold down the Ctrl key down while selecting a row that is not near that row instead you have to do the following: Select, copy & paste the heading row 1 with the labels to row 15. Then select, copy & paste the Total row (A9-E9)  to row 16. Now select row 15 and 16 and create a pie chart the is on a new sheet called Total Consumption Chart.

8. Create another pie chart showing the totals of what you consumed. The select will have to be done the same way you did step 7 above.


9. When you are done your Google Spreadsheet log into edublogs and create a new post titled Assignment #8 – Calculating Consumption. Write a brief paragraph explaining what you did in this assignment and add the following to your post:

  • A link to your spread sheet as an html file.
  • Insert one of your graphs in the post. Save the chart as an image and then upload and insert it into your post.

10. Share your spreadsheet file with me with access to edit.

Assignment 7 – Dream Room Spreadsheet

Student Objectives:
Students will be able to:

  • Gather information on the Internet (mock shopping spree – price, item)
  • Enter this information into Google Spreadsheet
  • Enter formulas to calculate totals, balance, least most and average price
  • Link your spreadsheet to a blog post.

Student Directions:
You just won $5,000 to decorate your dream room. This could be a game room, bedroom, home office, TV room, etc. You are looking for furnishing and decor for your room.

Shop at IKEA or Target

But wait! There’s a catch! The total cost of all the items you select must not exceed (go over) $5000.00, tax included. Also, the total cost of all the items (tax included) must fall between $4995.00 and $5000.00 or you lose everything. “Not a problem!” you exclaim. “I have a secret weapon called Google spreadsheet! I can make it do the math for me – right down to the very last penny! Show me the money!”

1. Log on to your Google Docs account and set up your file as follows:


2. Format B3-B18 (blue cells) as currency with 2 decimal places and show the dollar sign.
3. Format D3-D27 (blue cells) as currency with 2 decimal places and show the dollar sign.

4. Go to View > Freeze Rows > Freeze 2 Rows (this will freeze the top two rows)
5. Save your file as YourName_ShoppingSpree.
6. Go to IKEA or Target and shop for items to decorate your room:

7. Enter items and quantity.
8. Create the following formulas:

  • In D3 – formula to multiply cost of the item by the quantity, then use the fill handle to fill to D18
  • In D19 – formula to add prices of all the items (D3 to D26)
  • In D20 – formula to calculate tax, sub-total by 5%
  • In D 21 – formula to add the subtotal and tax
  • In D22 – formula to subtract Grand Total from $5,000
  • In D25 formula to calculate the most expensive item (use cost of item column)
  • In D26 formula to calculate the least expensive item (use cost of item column)
  • In D27 formula to calculate the average priced item (use cost of item column)

9. Insert 2-3 pictures and format font (size & color) so that your spreadsheet is easy to read.

10. Rename your sheet to MyRoomExpenses

11. Share this file with me so I can correct your work. []

12. File > Download as PDF with the following settings:

  • Current Sheet
  • Actual Size
  • Landscape

13. Add this file to your blog.

Create a new post titled: Assignment 7 – Dream Room Spreadsheet and file it under the assignments category. Write a short intro paragraph about this assignment. What did you do? How did you like this lesson? etc. At the end of the paragraph create a link to your spreadsheet. “Check out my dream room expenses.”